IPFA LatAm Series Webinar: Project Finance in Chile

IPFA LatAm Series Webinar: Project Finance in Chile

COVID-19 has posed significant challenges to ongoing projects in Chile, it will also set a trend for projects to come. Fiscal policies will focus on direct aid to reactivate the economy, leaving part of the scene to the private sector or PPPs to promote investment construction and infrastructure projects. Chile will have to face recovery accompanied by a constitutional discussion that is not between the casualties of the pandemic.
Join us to discuss the lessons learned so far from the pandemic and to take a look at what projects are more likely to be encouraged in the aftermath of the first COVID-19 outbreak.

Discussion points
– What are the trends on COVID-19 as force majeure interpretation? Should project documents dramatically change from now on?
– Has the pandemic served to accelerate a new direction in projects in Chile? Is there any connection with preference for climate change ‘friendly’ projects?
– What has the Chilean government announced so far regarding infrastructure projects?
– What should foreign investors be aware of when speaking of the constitutional debate in Chile?

– Franco Acchiardo, Grasty Quintana Majlis in association with Clyde & Co. (Moderator)
– Thomas Sutherland, Strabag
– Teresita Vial, Chilean Association of Solar Energy

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