Pro Bono

GQM has assumed pro bono work as part of the professional integrity of its lawyers, so that persons and vulnerable sectors, and the organizations and institutions who it assists, can access quality legal services and counsel.

For these reasons, GQM has signed the Pro Bono Declaration for the Americas (Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice).


GQM is an active member of the Pro Bono Foundation, whose object is to promote, organize, intermediate and publish the practice of pro bono between its lawyers and their participation in public debates, to improve access to justice for vulnerable persons, sectors or groups.


In turn, GQM actively participates in the legal assistance of corporations and civic, cultural, environmental and education that serve the public interest, including:


Puerto de Ideas is a non-profit foundation created in 2010. Its objective is primarily to develop first-class cultural and scientific activities, democratizing access to content that has been restricted to an elite intellectual and academic group. Aimed to contribute to the de-centralization of cultural and literary activity in Chile, the festivals “Puerto de Ideas Valparaíso” and “Festival de Ciencia de Antofagasta” are developed to activate the cultural agenda.



Fundación Convivir is a non-profit institution created in 2003, with the objective being to improve the quality of life of celiac persons throughout the country, without distinguishing their socio-economic level, age or geographical location. From its creation, the Foundation has focused its efforts on  promoting food and responsible medical care for celiacs and their caregivers, families and those directly related.


World Wildlife Fund Inc. is one of the independent conservation organizations with the greatest track record internationally. It was legally established in Chile in 2002, with a project office in Valdivia focused on forest protection. Currently, WWF has offices in Valdivia and Santiago; 8 work programs: Marine Conservation, Sustainable Fishing Fresh Water, Forests, Planning and Monitoring, Communications, Fundraising and Operations; and a team of 27 professionals. WWF Chile’s vision is oriented to conserve biodiversity in priority land and marine environments in Chile, ensuring the provision of goods and services that contribute to human wellbeing, maintain the ecological footprint of the principal industrial sectors of Chile within the ecosystem limits and encourage social participation processes that promote equity.

Fundación Proyecto B is a non-profit organization dedicated to contribute to the process of socio-professional reinsertion of young people who have broken the law, by way of the offer of dignified and stable employment opportunities. In this way, the Foundation contributes to the development of a more just and inclusive society, creating the basis that permits that any person who has committed a crime may access a dignified and stable job.